CBD Pepperoni treats for dogs
CBD Pepperoni treats for dogs

CBD Pepperoni treats for dogs

  • Higher potency
  • delicious and tasty
  • helps support immune system
  • aids in relieving discomforts
  • improves mood
  • assist in recovery and joint health
  • help calm your pet
  • 300 mg per pack - 10ct (30mg per treat)

Description: A convenient, delicious and beneficial way to make CBD part of your pet’s diet.
Your dog will want seconds of these tasty treats! Made with 30 mg of CBD these pet treats are perfect for dogs that need a little extra from day to day for health, mood, recovery, or discomforts. With perfect ingredients and a great taste to help keep your best friend's body in perfect balance and keep them happy and healthy throughout day to day activities.

Ingredients and suggested use

Ingredients: PCR hemp oil, beef, meet-by-products, soy grits, sugar, liver, salt, propylene glycol, garlic powder, caramel color, potassium sorbet (used as preservative), natural smoke flavor, sodium nitrate (for color retention, BHA (used as preservative) onion extract.

Suggested use: pets less then 15lbs. get a half treat, Pets over 15 lbs. get 1 full treat. No more than 2 servings a day.